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Wow, it's been a while...

2009-07-25 09:33:53 by 8sidedcircle

sept. 20th 2008 for my last post? Too long...

Not that anyone is interested, or that I actually have anything to report, but oh well. Working on some movies and games that will probably never get finished.. You can check them out on my DeviantArt.


2008-09-20 11:00:28 by 8sidedcircle

Oh well, looks like the Halloween episode isn't going to happen after all.. I got a virus and had to format my hard drive and reinstall windows, so i lost the file :(

You can see what i had so far on my DeviantArt page

New Ant and Chad ep.

2008-08-26 13:58:37 by 8sidedcircle

... Just in case you, hypothetical reader, care. It's gonna be pretty cool. Expect it around October.

Here's a screenshot since I <3 you.

Sorry for the quality, i fail at getting decent quality image exports from flash.

New Ant and Chad ep.

Ant and Chad ep.2 out!

2008-05-05 15:22:30 by 8sidedcircle

So most of you probably never saw ep.1, but that's irrelevant!

Ant and Chad ep.2 (Part 1) is out, and it's bigger and much, MUCH better than the first episode, go check it out!

Episode 2!

Edit: we got daily 10th.. not too bad, climbing the ladder one flash at a time, you could say.


2008-02-16 16:18:51 by 8sidedcircle

(As far as i know) THE SYNC ISSUE IS FIXED.

Meaning ep.2 can finally get underway.

Okay i lied, it's been underway for ages, i've just been too lazy to make a post, but yeah, it'll be out when it's ready. I set no deadlines or due dates, but it IS on the way. so you can hold your breath waiting... If you can hold it for another 3 weeks to a month*.

I think most 360 and PS3 owners will like it, or maybe just people who have good taste in first person shooters. ;)

*Not a deadline, but an estimation.